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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Infographic: Why Use Telemedicine in the ICU?

Our newest infographic “Why Use Telemedicine in the ICU?” depicts the hard numbers associated with the dramatic increase in ICU patients as well as the associated shortage of qualified ICU intensivists. It also shows how telemedicine is currently being used in the ICU along with the benefits of cost-savings and improved quality of care that hospitals and other healthcare facilities are realizing.

WHY USE TELEMEDICINE IN THE ICU? The United States is facing a dramatic increase of Intensive care Unit (ICU) patients and a simultaneous shortage of qualified ICU intensivists. Eagle Telemedicine works wnh hospitals to provide remote access to skilled physicians, resulting in demonstrable improvement in patient care and administrative efficiency. THE HARD FACTS ON THE RISE More than 5 million patients are treated in ICUs each year  Typical 24/7 ICU coverage requires 4 providers and costs about $1.2 million HOWEVER Most hospitals cannot afford to staff their ICUs at this level for 2 reasons COST When intensivists manage all ICU patients, a 40% reduction in mortality rates is achievable SHORTAGE Estimates predict a shortfall of 30% of the needed intensivist workforce SOLUTION: TELEMEDICINE BENEFITS REALIZE COST SAVINGS IMPROVE QUALITY & CARE reduce unnecessary transfer of patients create collaborative coverage models with local physicians increase patient volume achieve ROI with incremental DRG reimbursement FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL 678.441.8513 OR VISIT WWW.EAGLETELEMEDICINE.COM provide 24/7 access to expert ICU physicians manage gaps in intensivist coverage increase compliance with leapfrog standards and establish best practices guarantee response time of 15 minutes or less for emergencies EAGLE TELEMEDICINE