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Friday, November 14, 2014

Recent Article in Journal of Telemedicine and eHealth

There are over 65 million people living in over 6,000 primary care health profession shortage areas in the United States. The predominant providers of care in these locations are primary care physicians, which are currently in short supply and high demand. This supply-demand mismatch means that there are more positions than there are physicians, so health-systems and administrators are looking for assistance to lower costs and meet the increasing demand for physician services. Furthermore continuing workforce shortages mean that physicians can be selective about their schedules with many preferring to work only days. Coverage issues are exacerbated in areas where recruiting physicians is difficult and represents a unique challenge for health systems in rural and difficult to recruit to locations. In a recently published article by the Journal of Telemedicine and eHealth Richard B. Sanders and researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina, identify a potential market for and solution for rural healthcare markets in need of inpatient physician resources.  To learn more.