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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Experts, experts everywhere, so why do you care to connect?

It was February 2010, just two days past Valentine’s Day. That’s when we—albeit shyly—introduced ourselves to the blogosphere. It was our first post as a genuine blogger.

Fast forward to 2012 and here’s what we know:
Now there’s The Connected Hospitalist

To be blunt, you may not care that this blog is “new and improved.” That’s OK, but give it a chance. The blog is re-invented. It shares more of your story, life and career.

You need relevant content, compelling opinions and real-life stories that get you nodding your head in agreement. You need content that’s practical and timely—and offers a little hot picante to your day. 

The Connected Hospitalist is here. Our aim is to inform, share and invite comment and concerns. We’d rather dig into ideas and insights, and really throw out opinions, vs. honking some song-and-verse that tastes like stale Saltines.

Relevance. That’s what matters. We’ll showcase topics about hospitalists, hospitals and recruitment that appeal to a spectrum of knowledge-hunters, from hospitalists to hospitalists-to-be, as well as hospital administrators and clinicians of every type and specialty.

Simply put, we’re putting our best foot forward with The Connected Hospitalist. We know there’s no shortage of news and views out there.

We can only expect your participation if we live up to our promises and standards.

Let’s connect.

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