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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eagle Physician Leaders bring a unique perspective to the American Telemedicine Association Meeting

May 1-3, 2011 was the 16th annual international meeting of the American Telemedicine Association. For the last two years Eagle has had a presence, speaking at this meeting and bringing thought leadership to key issues facing the broader implementation and acceptance of telemedicine services in the inpatient setting. During the 2010 conference Mitch Wilson, MD and Gordon Turner, MD were part of a panel discussing how inpatient telemedicine may be brought into the mainstream of care delivery in the inpatient setting. Key points centered around the ability of a telemedicine department or division to not be its own stand alone function within the walls of the hospital but rather a part of each department or service line's strategic goals for service enhancement and care delivery.

Building upon the success of the 2010 presentation, Eagle was represented this year by Mac McCormick, MD and Dana Giarrizzi, DO. Drs. McCormick and Giarrizzi addressed a group of approximately 80 participants from diverse backgrounds in healthcare and telemedicine from across the nation and as far away as Australia. The discussion drew from McCormick and Giarrizzi's experience in traditional care delivery and telemedicine and focused on key elements of physician buy-in and compliance with quality metrics and telemedicine program guidelines. Guided by a recent article in the Journal of Critical Care the panel discussed the importance of Physician, Guideline, System, and Implementation characteristics that lead to physician buy-in and compliance. Joined by other experts and thought leaders in the field, the discussion was well received and marks another step forward in raising awareness of Eagle's leadership in the development and delivery of telemedicine services that address key issues facing inpatient care.