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Friday, July 9, 2010

Stroke / Brain Attack

When it comes to treating stroke, "time is brain". Eagle's TeleStroke programs offer hospitals the resources they need to save lives and administer time sensitive treatment.

In many rural and even urban communities neurologists are in short supply and high demand. Obtaining coverage can be problematic at best for many hospitals. The lack of coverage may result in missed opportunities for treatment and/or hospital bypass because of the lack of coverage. It is not likely that patients and regulatory agencies will stand much longer for these critical treatment windows of opportunity to be missed, when viable alternatives exist.

TeleNeurology has emerged as an accepted and tested delivery model for acute stroke evaluations in the absence of a physically present neurologist.

By partnering with Eagle for TeleStroke coverage a hospital can obtain the supplemental coverage they need to meet patients' needs, avoid being bypassed and provide their community based neurologists with the call relief and sustainable practice model they need.

Eagle has developed collaborative and flexible models for TeleStroke coverage that work with your local team to preserve existing relationships and the delivery of patient care. For more information and to see additional information on stroke and stroke program resources please visit