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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TeleHospitalist Provides Care amidst Volcanic Disaster

Eagle always has a back up plan in place to account for unexpected and sometimes unique circumstances. When recent volcanoes in northern Europe halted air travel in and out of France and other European countries, Eagle had a plan for that too:

Jayne Lee MD, an Eagle Hospitalist, maintains permanent residence in Paris, France. Dr. Lee does admit that the travel is overwhelming at times, but according to Dr. Lee, "to come home to a fresh baguette and pain au chocolat is worth it".

In 2009 Dr. Lee was asked to join Eagle's team of TeleHospitalists. An advantage of being a TeleHospitalist she says is,"I am able to take care of patients wherever I am, or they are, in the world." In addition to her TeleHospitalist duties, Dr. Lee fulfills in-person shifts at Eagle practices in Kentucky and North Carolina. When the recent volcanoes put a stop to one of her planned trips to Kentucky, Dr. Lee and Eagle were prepared.

When it was apparent Dr. Lee's scheduled flight was going to be canceled Dr. Lee went back to her office in Paris, France and "beamed on" to the InTouch RP7 Robot located in Kentucky to evaluate patients just as if she were there in-person.

This wasn't the first time that Dr. Lee performed transcontinental inpatient evaluations as a TeleHospitalist. Dr. Lee performed the first Eagle TeleHospitalist transcontinental patient evaluation in January 2010. Speaking of her experiences as an Eagle TeleHospitalist Dr. Lee said,"We will and can provide care to patients across the United States and I am proud to be a part of this exciting field and continue to work hard to perfect its practice."

Dr. Lee is an instrumental part of the Eagle TeleHospitalist team and her passion for patient care and vision for the future of Hospitalist medicine has been enhanced by her ability to be an Eagle TeleHospitalist.